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Welcome to the portal for Australians Abroad, in Abu Dhabi.
We are an Abu Dhabi community based non-profit, member organisation dedicated to the promotion of Australian and New Zealand culture in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).
We aim to provide our members (Australian/New Zealand expats and non-Australian/New Zealand expats) and friends with social and recreational opportunities to forge and strengthen bonds within the community and to enhance interaction within the culturally diversified UAE community.

Who we are

Take a closer look at Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is the capital of the United Arab Emirates. It is an island connected to the mainland by several bridges. There are beaches, many parks and exciting shopping malls to visit. Experience the heart of the Middle East right here from Abu Dhabi.

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Latest News and Updates

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Fit for Work Workshop – Program a success
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Second Thursday of the month during winter season

Aussies Abroad Team Golf

Look no further as Aussies Abroad presents a new team event for you to join – Aussies Abroad Team Golf.

Third Wednesday of the month

Coffee Mornings at Dome

New to Abu Dhabi? If so, come and join in, share a coffee, tea, maybe a sweet or a just a good story with like-minded people. Make some new friends!

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